North Spencer School Endowment

With the economy and the state of the education system, Superintendent Dan Scherry decided that the North Spencer School Corporation needed to generate some revenue in order to counteract possible cuts. After seeing the success of the Library Endowment Fund, Mr. Scherry and the Board thought that the best option was an endowment. The funds from this endowment would go towards any program that isn’t mandated by the state, meaning electives, fine arts, sports, and other clubs. Scherry says, “We want something in place to save these classes and sports.” 
The fund is very recent. Events like raffles and general fundraising have occurred to help boost the fund. Groups like the Blue Ribbon Task Force, Saving Tomorrow Today, and Spikes Baseball have all played a direct role helping with these events and getting the fund up and running. Mr. Scherry hopes the funds generated through these events and direct donations will keep the extra-curricular activities in North Spencer going for a long time, no matter how much the education system changes.

North Spencer County School Corporation Fund: An agency fund established to support North Spencer County School Corporation.

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North Spencer County School Corporations Library Endowment Fund

Serving on many boards that involved her directly in North Spencer School affairs, Annie Oxley recognized a growing concern in funding school libraries. When funding cuts were being made, she decided the school library/media centers were the facets that funding cuts would most greatly affect their students. She felt funding for reading material was vital for every student from K - 12 grades. It would affect EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY, EVERY YEAR they attend our schools. This, she felt would help every student better achieve the best education they possibly can from North Spencer.

With the help of the Spencer County Community Foundation, Annie established the North Spencer County School Corporation’s Library Endowment. This fund has grown to over $100,000.00. Annually, the earnings and specific donations go directly to all the school libraries in North Spencer to keep the facilities supplied with the educational reading material students need for success in school. Annie strongly believes that reading material is vital to every student and that it will open up the world to students for many years.

North Spencer County School Corporation Library Fund: A designated fund established by the Board of the North Spencer County School Corporation to be funded by gifts from the community for the purchase of reading materials for school libraries in the corporation.

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