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Pictures from the High School West Addition Progress
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The video and photos captured from the Drone is a project inside the Agriculture Education Department at Heritage Hills High School.  The program educates students about how technology is being applied in the field of Agriculture.  Students learn how to pilot the drone which can be used for scouting fields and much more!  Once a student has a little practice, they begin their study to prepare them to take the test, called Part 107, to become a certified drone pilot.  With this certification, they can work commercially for farmers, the natural resource agencies, plant and soil sciences, in photography and even with wildfires.  Students check the drone out and indicate their intended use as they use the technology in their Supervised Agriculture Experience Program (SAE)
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In a geographical area that boasts a rich history and beautiful scenery, the North Spencer County School Corporation proudly represents all who have gone before us. Along with a regard for the past comes an almost instinctive burning to blaze the future for those yet to come.
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North Spencer Schools Receive "A" Letter Grade