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Welcome To The North Spencer School Corporation Website!
In a geographical area that boasts a rich history and beautiful scenery, the North Spencer County School Corporation proudly represents all who have gone before us. Along with a regard for the past comes an almost instinctive burning to blaze the future for those yet to come.
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2020 Back to School  News and Updates

For the most recent update on North Spencer County School Corporation's back to school news, please click and read the information below: 
North Spencer 2020-2021 Re-Entry Plan
Spencer County Health Department Letter to Parents

Remote Learning Plan - North Spencer's 3 Options for Remote Learning
Attendance Clarification for Elected Virtual and Quarantined Remote Learners
Face to Face Learning vs Elected Virtual Learning - a side by side comparison
 North Spencer's COVID-19 Continuous Learning Plan
Quarantine Update January 21, 2021

North Spencer Schools Receive "A" Letter Grade


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