Remote Learning

North Spencer Remote Learning Information

The Indiana Department of Education has offered the Remote Learning Day Program “as a means to continue an instructional day away from traditional time limits and brick and mortar setting. This innovative program has evolved into an engaging instructional model used in many Indiana schools to keep the sequence of learning going in spite of weather and other challenges. More importantly, it has provided teachers and students the opportunity to engage with digital resources, to collaborate virtually, and to develop digital skills that are used and valued beyond K-12.


There are a variety of reasons a school/corporation would use an Remote Learning Day beyond the development of blended learning skills. Many districts have utilized the program to keep learning going during a day of snow or other inclement weather, professional development, parent conferences, widespread illness, and flooding.


What North Spencer County Schools have done to prepare for Remote Learning Days:

  • North Spencer County Schools currently use Google Classroom (called Classroom hereafter) as their learning management system.  Classroom serves as the source for teachers to post learning materials and post assignments. Students access Classroom to retrieve this information and to turn in any required work. Teachers and students should be familiar with the process of accessing lessons and assignments as well as turning in assignments through Classroom. 

  •  NSCSC will practice ‘in-school’ Remote Learning days so staff and students are aware of expectations and procedures. 

  • Teachers have been working with the Technology Integration Specialists on using tools and resources to help make Remote Learning as productive as possible.  

  • Options are provided for students who are unable to complete work virtually.  


Please read below for more information on North Spencer’s Remote Learning Day(s) expectations. 

  • Teachers will post all learning activities on Google Classroom.   

  • Teachers will have live online office hours. Teachers will post their hours so parents/students are aware of the teacher’s availability. Students/parents are encouraged to ask questions using the teacher’s school gmail or other means provided by your child’s teacher. 

  • Student questions will be answered within 24 hours.

  • Virtual lessons will be a continuation of what has been taught in the traditional face-to-face classroom. The assignments will be authentic and standards-based.

  • In most lessons, students will be required to do some type of activity. However, not all of the activities will be graded. Many will be for practice and for valuable feedback to the teacher to determine if students understand the lesson objectives.  This will help the teacher determine the subsequent lessons. 

  • Questions can be addressed by calling your school during regular hours.

  • Click on Google Classroom to learn how to access this digital learning platform or go to .



FAQ on Remote Learning Days


Q. Will all  teachers have the same ‘office’ hours?

  1. Teachers will have different office hours. Your child’s teacher will communicate those hours with both you and your child. 

Q.  Will there be video conferencing available?

  1. Teachers may use video conferencing to teach classes.

Q. Will my child be able to print out work and turn it in if they wish or do they have to submit work online?

  1. All Remote Learning activities can be submitted in a variety of ways as requested by the teacher and as necessary by the student. 

Q. Will all assignments be digital or will some require some other method of assessing and informing?

  1. There will be a variety of ways teachers will expect assignments to be done, many of which will not be digital. 

Q. What if I experience trouble with my device?

  1. See “Troubleshooting” below.

Q. Why aren’t videos loading?

  1. If videos are not loading, the problem is NOT the Chromebook. With the current situation of schools across the country using Remote Learning, networks are saturated creating slow connection speeds. Please be patient and let your child’s teacher know you are attempting to view the video. 

Q. Where can I find free reading resources for my child? 

  1. Click here to go  to The Junior Library Guild.  Scroll down until you see “FREE access to our JLG Digital online reading platform!”  You do not have to create an account. Just click the appropriate reading level.


Flashdrive or other necessary materials for learning, if needed, can be picked up at school between the hours of  8:00am and 2:00pm, Monday-Friday. 


Please use the North Spencer School Corporation  webpage,, to access information from the district and your student’s school.  


Login Information

  • Your child will need to access his/her student account by going to Google and logging into his/her student account.  All usernames and passwords have been given to students. If your child has forgotten, please reach out to his/her teacher to obtain login information.

Grades K-1 will access their account using a school-issued device by using their unique QR Code provided by the teacher. 


To get to the internet on their device:

 At the bottom right, select the time.

  1. Select Not Connected . Note: If you see your Wi-Fi network name and a signal strength, your Chromebook is already connected to Wi-Fi.

  2. Turn on Wi-Fi.

  3. Your Chromebook will automatically look for available networks and show them to you in a list.

  4. Select your home’s wifi name.

  5. Enter the password you created to access your personal wifi connection. 

  6. You should now be connected to your home wifi connection. 


If you are experiencing trouble with your Chromebook, try the following to help remedy the problem. If this does not help please reach out to your building secretary or administrator and they will direct your next steps.

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.

  2. At the top right, click More More.

  3. Click History and then History.

  4. On the left, click Clear browsing data. A box will appear.

  5. Select All time as the Time Range.

  6. Check first three boxes:

    1.  Browsing history

    2.  Cookies and other site data

    3.  Cached images and files

  7. Click Clear data.


  • Resetting the Chromebooks

  1. Press and hold down the “refresh button” (which is located just above the #3 and #4 keys)  

  2. Tap the power button.

  3. Release the refresh button when you see your Chromebook starting back up.